Great places to eat in Medway

Sadly, living in Medway doesn’t leave you with an awful lot of choice when it comes to eateries, it’s pretty much just Chatham Dockyard or nothing. Without going to Bluewater, Maidstone, Canterbury, or London, you can often find yourself stuck. Luckily for you, Kent Echo is here to save the day and give you some delightful Medway restaurants, away from Dockside.

  1. Coast to Coast – Rochester

Another American eatery, but this time, a diner and bar. An incredibly aesthetic place to eat and drink – the inside is extremely instagramable – and a nice place to spend your evening.

  1. Gurkha’s Brother – Chatham

Offering Indian and Nepalese food, this one’s a winner for families, couples, groups of friends, and basically anyone who loves good food. It’s reasonably priced, and you’re guaranteed a good night.

  1. Brettingtons – Rochester

A steak and lobster house (in Medway! Who knew?) that has everyone raving about its food and service. Take a day out and visit Rochester Cathedral, and then come here.

  1. Rowlands Bistro – Gillingham

An American diner that’s well loved by locals. If you’re in the mood for something casual, not too expensive, but satisfying, this is the place for you.

  1. The White Horse Village Pub and Kitchen – Rochester

One of the nicest pubs in Medway, with not only great food and drinks, but great entertainment too! The pub often holds events, so if you pop by you might stumble upon some great live music.

  1. Café Nucleus – Chatham

Not just a café, but a dining experience. The café often has art installations, and this along with the amazing food and drink they serve makes for a winner. It’s a little gem on the high street, and a nice change from your average Wetherspoons.

  1. The Hungry Fox – Gillingham

A cosy little pub that’s easy to get to, and guaranteed to give you a nice night. Friendly, fun, and fantastic food – what more could you want?