Paint The Town takes over Brook Theatre

Arts and theatre festival Paint The Town is taking over the Brook Theatre in Chatham for a week packed with touring theatre shows, public workshops, kids activities and pop-up surprises.

The event is back in Medway for its third edition and will showcase Medway’s finest artists while giving kids the opportunity to have fun while on half-term holiday.

Tonight’s shows include Castle Builder, a heart-wrenching play telling a story about how artistic people are often misunderstood, and Russell and Rachel, a one-woman show about relationship struggles.

Festival organiser Nat Clarke says that their aim is to give people from Medway a chance to showcase their artistic expression.

“It is very much a celebration of Medway, it’s about bringing an opportunity to be part of something to Medway from other areas, but also to put Medway on the map as a hub in terms of activities,” she said.

“The idea of Paint the Town is just a big call to action, we want every person to join in – even if you don’t think you’re artistic enough we want you to jump on board, try something new and shout about it.”

It is the first time that the festival has been taking place in one venue rather than in multiple locations across Medway and the feedback from visitors has been very positive so far.

“Every single day it’s a learning curve, and every time it’s different and special,” she said. “It is a whole different set of challenges because the shows change every single time.”

Originally from London, Ms Clarke said that Medway is a great place for these kind of events because it brings out the best of the local community, and appreciates the diversity being put on show in the Medway towns so far in the festival.

“Being in Medway as often as I am now has been a real eye-opener for me, it’s brilliant to see how much the area differs to London, but at the same time it’s got a great artistic scene.”

Entries will be available at the Brooks Theatre box office, but tickets can also be purchased online at

More information can be found on the website or on the festival’s official Facebook page.