WATCH: Screamland transforms Britain’s oldest theme park into a terrifying Halloween wonderland

If you’re seeking a thrill or a scare, Screamland might be just what you’re looking for! The latest spooky addition to Britains’s oldest theme park is back in Margate for its third installment.

For a few select nights in October, Dreamland transforms into a horror scene featuring lots of terrifying features, including six scare mazes, unlimited access to vintage park rides, and plenty of thrills.

Although the event has been around for a while, its the first time Screamland comes to town since the park’s £25 million refurbishment over the summer. The work added a new events site, restored several fun rides from the park’s original opening, and developed some new landscaping for the events team to work with.


Rebecca Ellis, Events & Programming Director at Dreamland, said the refurbishment “has given us an even better landscape to play with.

“It’s also given us our new events site, which has enabled us to build the two new scare mazes up there.”

The new mazes feature plenty of jump scares and thrills — but hurry! Screamland is only around for three more nights: tonight, on October 27th, tomorrow, on the 28th, and for Halloween on the 31st.

For those who just want to go to the event & soak in the atmosphere, there’s a no-scare ticket, which lets you access the park but none of the scare mazes.

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