Why is Comic Con such a big deal?

Comic Con has come to an end and although it’s a huge and successful event, there are people who still scoff at the idea of going.

People who are less enamoured at the idea of cosplay and an the intense division between Marvel and DC fans, expect that their social life will evaporate into solely gaming and a heightened knowledge of World of Warcr

aft the moment they step foot in the building.

Everyone will be glad to discover that this is not the case, and no one should quash the idea of going because it isn’t cool.


Logan Wolfe, a cosplayer from Kent, said: “Comic Con is effectively a giant costume party, for people who absolutely love films, games, comics, everything. What is cool? Whatever you think is cool is cool to you, so that’s what matters.”

Anja Freigang, a cosplayer from Michigan added: “I personally think it’s a great way to meet other people who like the same things you do.

“Just because someone is dressed up it doesn’t mean they’re… I mean we’re all nerds but at the same time it’s just such a fun thing to do and it’s because we love what we love.”

Comic Con, to put it simply, is a place for people who like film and games, the same as everyone else. The difference being that they are just that bit more enthused to meet the people

who are behind the creation of the blockbusters movies we all know, and more often than not, love.

In terms of dressing in costume, those who don’t will generally feel out of place, they would be what cosplayers call “Civis”, which means civilians. This is only one of the many reasons why cosplayers do what they do, and go through so much effort to make their costumes look like a realistic imitation of their chosen avatar.

Logan says: “I went to a Comic Con a few times in civilian clothing. I felt out of place, I felt like I was the weird one.

Anja and Logan have been going to Comic Con for many years, they have photoshoots, see famous people and have sneak peaks at film that are yet to be released.

They say that Friday is their favourite day as it gives them an opportunity to scour for the best stools without too much hastle, while Saturday is the trafficked day where families come and ask for photos and bring younger children to the event to see the icons they look up, which in some cases can be Logan and Anja.

Anja said: “Not only do you get to meet actors from your favourite comics and movies and people who created comics, but you get to hang out with a bunch of like-minded people. Everyone who’s there, is there to celebrate the things they love, it’s a really friendly atmosphere.”

Comic Con is an opportunity to appreciate the art and detail that really goes into the making of the costumes, films and games. It’s an exhibition of talent, and the stigma attached to the

event should be flushed out just as much as any unfair judgement of a group of people should be.

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