BREAKING: Gills win £1.4m in damages for Centreplate scandal

Gillingham Football Club are celebrating their highest scoring game yet against Centreplate after being awarded a £1.35million settlement by the High Court.

Centreplate were given the red card by Judge Sir Alistair MacDuff, who said the caterer’s  behaviour was “disgraceful” and they were “blackmailing and bullying” the club after they staged a mid-season walkout in 2015.

The court case revolved around the catering giants breaching a £28k per month contract for providing all food and hospitality at the club’s Priestfield stadium, that was set to run until 2021.

Centreplate turned down an “embarrassing” £1.5m all-in settlement offer in 2014 from Paul Scally.

The Gills chairman says Centreplate scored an “own goal” by turning down the offer three years ago and “will be kicking themselves” with today’s rulings.

Delighted Scally, added: “I am very pleased, very tired and glad it’s over. To say the past two and a half years have been stressful and challenging would be an understatement.

“Now we can push on and build the business at Priestfield.”

The caterers have also been ordered to pay the club’s legal costs – an eye-watering further £1m.

It comes as the Club is in high spirits after Tuesday night’s draw with Blackpool lifting them outside the relegation zone.

The summer transfer window meant cash-strapped Gills were unable to spend money to bolster the squad, but this financial windfall means the club can invest into facilities, staff and players.

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