Buy cheap dinners to fight food waste

If you wonder how buying a sushi dinner for £3.50 would help you fight food waste, then you’ve yet to hear about Too Good To Go’s arrival in Canterbury.

The Danish app, which started operating in England last year, aims to stop restaurants throwing good food away by offering them the chance to sell their leftovers for a small fee at the end of the day. And a partnership with sushi chain Yo! means that their Canterbury store has become the first eatery in the city to offer the service.

For £3.50, you can come between 9 and 10pm and fill a box with any leftovers from the belt or takeaway fridge. When our reporters went to try it out, they calculated that the food they left with would have cost them £29.70 had they eaten in store.

Since they started offering the service, Yo! Canterbury have reduced their food waste by a considerable amount.

There have however been complaints in other cities that restaurants were taking advantage of clients through the app. Most restaurants do not let the clients choose what they will get, and instead give them a ‘mystery box’ of the day’s leftovers. This however has meant that some eateries gave away scraps not even worthy of the low price tags, or failed to have anything ready despite advertising available portions.

The developers have said they are currently working to implement a review system to help fight this abuse.

While Too Good To Go told us they were not yet ready to actively expand into Kent, they added that any restaurant which wishes to join was welcome to apply and would be added to the app.

A map of food places partnered with Too Good To Go

But with several hundred places having already joined up across the UK, and a considerable student population always looking to save up on food, it might not be too long before someone else in Canterbury catches on to the good idea.