Property developer proposes building new hospital in Canterbury in exchange for homes

Canterbury property developer Quinn Estates has offered to build and pay for a new hospital in exchange for permission to construct 2,000 homes in Canterbury.

Changes to emergency services at the Kent and Canterbury hospital means some patients are now forced to receive medical treatment in Margate or Ashford.

It was reported from 19 June that patients who require urgent care for heart attacks, strokes, and pneumonia will no longer be treated at Kent and Canterbury hospital.

The NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning group (CCG) said it will consider the option for a new hospital in Canterbury to open as an A&E hub.

Ken Rogers, chairman of Campaign for Health in East Kent, said a new hospital was “the only way to ensure the health needs of east Kent are met in the future.

“It’s recognised that we need new homes.  It’s up to the planners where they are put.”