Cancer survivor launches mobile wig project catered to hair loss sufferers

A Sittingbourne-based creative freelancer, who, having felt the pain of losing her hair to cancer in 2014, has launched her own mobile wig business.

In 2014, Zoe was initially told that the raised gland by her left collarbone was nothing to be concerned about after visiting her GP. However, she was not convinced and visited another GP for a second check-up.

While waiting for her second set of results, Zoe was working as Artist Liaison for promoters in Ibiza.

She says: “I was suffering a lot of back pain at that time. I was so tired, and had really itchy skin and night sweats. But when I returned home from Ibiza and met with the consultant my worst-case scenario diagnosis was confirmed.”

Zoe was only 34 when she was diagnosed with the latter stages of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

With a race against time, Zoe recalls: “What imminently followed was fortnightly infusions of chemotherapy over the course of six months.”

She is now 38 and has made use of her background in hair and beauty, having received a hairdressing qualification two decades ago at the West Kent College, by developing Zoe Vivo.

“Zoe Vivo is me, a mobile wig consultant, that was born out of the past few years experience that I had with hair loss and wigs,” she says.

Though Zoe is based in Sittingbourne, her project is mobile, meaning she is able travel personally to clients located anywhere in the South East.

She writes on her website: “Zoe can visit you in the comfort of your own home, showing you a selection of high quality wigs suitable to you.”

However Zoe’s hairdressing background wasn’t the only thing that motivated her to initiate her project.

“In 2015 once I was in complete remission and had completed my charity skydive for Lymphoma Association I was very lucky to meet with a leading wig brand.”

She began working as a brand ambassador, and built her reputation as a wig expert, model and blogger.

“Zoe Vivo is a natural evolution of all of that, it’s fabulous being able to share my experience and knowledge online. It feels like an organic progression and extension of what I am doing to now be able to offer what I have learned to people in person too,” She explains.

Now in her third year of remission, Zoe hopes to reach and advise people going through her similar experience with hair loss to “guide them through their potentially daunting wig purchase.“

“Losing your hair is yet another hurdle to jump and finding a solution to that can feel like a big challenge, I want to make choosing your new wig as comfortable and enjoyable for people as possible.”

You can find Zoe Vivo here:

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