Kent GP warns about the need for a financial injection to prevent longer waiting lists

Doctors have warned that patients are suffering as a direct result of the NHS’s inability to meet key waiting time targets.

NHS England recorded its worst ever performance last month with a mere 77.1 per cent of patients being treated and admitted within four hours – a record low against the 95 per cent target.

NHS England’s latest statistics  graphically illustrate how the health service struggled to cope in January as it came under unprecedented strain as a cold winter and the worst flu outbreak for eight years led to the most intense demand it has faced.

Kent GP, Julian Spinks said, “The NHS needs a serious financial injection to help with the ever-increasing waiting times. In hospitals we need to be cleverer about using the resources we have but I do think there’s very little ability to reduce the number of beds any further.

“Hospitals really don’t cope during the winter but hopefully technology will come tour aid and we’ll be able to do more technological solutions such as online advances.”