Military veteran Martyn Compton from East Sussex rejoins injured racing squad Team BRIT

A military veteran from East Sussex who suffered severe burns to 75% of his body after his tank was blown up in Afghanistan has now rejoined Team BRIT – British Racing Injured Troops.

34-year-old Martyn Compton from Battle went on his first tour of Afghanistan in 2006 and was injured when his patrol was ambushed by the Taliban, with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) killing the three other crew members in his tank.

He was then shot at by rocket-propelled grenades which caused the engine to explode, engulfing Martyn in flames. He managed to crawl out while on fire and as he put himself out he was shot twice.

His comrades managed to get him into a Chinook helicopter, after which time he was pronounced officially dead three times on his way back to the UK.

He woke up from a coma a few months later, and has since undergone over 500 hours of operations and years of rehabilitation.

“The hardest thing from being in hospital to then leaving was looking in the mirror and feeling the same person inside but obviously looking completely different,” said Martyn.

In 2010, Martyn suffered from PTSD and found that racing helped him to recover mentally after joining KartForce – a branch of Team BRIT – who he now races for.

He said: “Racing has always given me that focus, and the adrenaline and the teamwork that I was missing.

“People that know me obviously knew where I was in 2010, and to where I am now is completely different and that’s because of racing and the focus that I’ve got from it.”

Martyn was part of the early Team BRIT line-up in 2015 before leaving to race in other championships and undergoing further surgery.

He has now rejoined the team as it steps up to GT racing this season in an Aston Martin Vantage, the next stage of their goal to reach the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2020.

Watch Martyn’s story in the video below: