The One Million Project: a charity writing fundraiser

A collection of authors have set out on a quest to earn one million pounds for various charities, by selling anthologies of their work.

The birth child of UK based author Jason Greenfield, One Million Project started in 2016 when he, and a small group of his author friends made a short story anthology.

Fast forward two years, and OMP now has over 180 members, consisting of writers, artists, publishers and media persons, covering multiple countries across the world.

These 180 members have now put together three large anthologies, Fantasy, Thriller, and Fiction, featuring short stories in each genre.

Jason Greenfield explained why he decided to start such an amazing and ambitious project: “My mum had cancer a long time back, (thankfully in remission and her health is good) so I wanted to do something to support Cancer Research and other charities like the homeless that are dear to my heart.

“At the same period, I was thinking about doing a collection of short stories, and it occurred to me to combine the two. Everything just grew from there, including putting together a huge network of indie writers, artists, and others for support.”

The aim is to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS, with the ultimate aim being to get together one million pounds.

Author, OMP member and blogger, Kate McGinn said: “I had worked as a registered nurse for 33 years and had recently left the workforce when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. My family has been affected by cancer and I’ve watched many family members and friends fight against cancer.

“I am a vet having served as an Army Reserve Officer in the Army Nurse Corps for eight years. I have a great deal of passion about the plight of the homeless around the world and the number of homeless veterans in the US. Joining the efforts of the OMP seemed to be a good way to assist in bringing attention to these causes and to raise money.”


The anthologies are available now to support and pre-order: