Top Ten Best Marvel Movies

I would like to preface this list with a disclaimer: I do not care if you disagree, no one cares if you disagree.

10: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Now one of the most recognisable superhero’s at Marvels disposal, upon the release of Cap 1, the studio were faced with the problem of introducing a character who possesses all the unlikeable aspects of Superman without the added abilities that would be visually superb. An upstanding, noble hero, a clever introduction for the man with a shield was a period piece that contained contemporary dialogue to reign in the modern audience. What worked about the film was the redemption of Chris Evans, after his ill-fated time as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. A strong supporting cast with seasoned vets Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci and one of the better MCU villains with Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull.

(Credit: Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios)

9. Doctor Strange (2016)

A perfect example of the growth of the MCU, Doctor Strange was Marvels first tip into the world of magic and time-travel. Whilst there were doubts about the wisdom on bringing obscurer cosmic properties to the big screen, the CGI for the most part made Doctor Strange one of the most visually intriguing films. Hampered by the tired origin story template and yet another interchangeable villain meant the film ended up being an entertaining time at the cinema without any lasting memories.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

In defence of Guardians 2, there wasn’t much it could do in the landscape of the MCU. With the first one being an unexpected juggernaut, audiences clamoured for more and James Gunn delivered.. exactly that. The film was never earmarked by Marvel to affect any real change before Infinity War and with the characters already scheduled to appear, the film lacked any real stakes and was essentially another case of sequel-itis in that you knew what you were in for. That familiar feeling is still enjoyable and the film did offer one of the MCU’s only meaningful deaths but beyond that it’s worthy of a thumbs up, not a standing ovation.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

7. Thor Ragnarok (2017)

This film actually succeeded in making Thor engaging as a stand-alone character. That alone is responsible for it’s high place in this ranking. Off the back of the worst MCU movie of all time, Thor 3 finally embraced the ridiculousness that is the God of Thunder and the cast ran with it. In a decade of gloomy apocalypses and brooding hero’s, it was refreshing to watch a film almost satirises the franchise it was a part of. Throw in one of the biggest show stealers of all time in Korg and a deeper understanding of Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk and Thor 3 is worthy of the hammer he wields.

(Credit: Marvel Studios)

6. Captain America Civil War (2016)

These entries will hopefully be shorter from now on because my hands getting tired. This film was agonisingly close to cracking the top five because it had so many things going for it. The introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther, the second-best fight scene in the entire MCU and proof that Joe and Anthony Russo deserved to spearhead the franchise towards one of the biggest films of all time in Infinity War. The major flaw with this film was the nature in which events wrapped up. Whereas in the comic, there were casualties on both sides, no one suffered any lasting effects from the War because most likely War Machine will make a recovery even thought he shouldn’t because he sucks.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

5. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

This wouldn’t have ever been made if Marvel had the rights to all its characters but who cares, it was awesome. It proved the trend that you don’t need a bankable house hold name to sell a super hero film, you just need strong story telling and a cast with good chemistry. However you do need a better villain though. There’s a trend here and it’s especially poignant here because Ronan is the kind of noob that gets sucked in by someone dancing on Fortnite only to be one pumped.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

4. Iron Man (2008)

You own basic television. You own Film 4. By now you’ve seen Iron Man and you know it was responsible for the MCU etc One thing it does deserve more of though is the criminally underrated villain Obediah Stane.

(Credit: Paramount)

3. Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

Spider-Man is amazing, this is the only entry on the list I will gladly fight people for. By now the entries have become more colloquial because if you’ve persisted this long and are actually reading the text not just the title then you don’t care about the fancy grammar any more. Finally delivering the character from the comics, Tom Holland served the perfect combination of Andrew Garfield’s wit and… Tobey Maguire was also a thing I guess.

(Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Columbia Pictures)

2. Captain America: the Winter Soldier (2014)

Making Thor engaging was a neat trick, making Captain America stand alongside the best superhero films of our time was an outstanding achievement. The original tone and direction on display from the Russo’s that then became a template for the MCU was so ground-breaking at the time of release.

(Chuck Zlotnick/Columbia Pictures)

1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

TROLLLLLLL. It’s the original but you knew that before you clicked on this list so what’s the harm. The most heartbreaking death in all of cinema with Phil Coulson and his trading cards. (let’s pretend AOS didn’t resurrect him) 10/10 would rate and give a big smile to.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)