Canterbury Christ Church students recreate Wonderland for children with disabilities

A group of university students have put on a production of Alice in Wonderland, aiming to introduce children with disabilities to the theatre.


The piece, called An Adventure Through Wonderland, was specially adapted to the needs of children with a range of disabilities including autism and Down Syndrome. Prop and set design was based off of the original 1865 edition of the book and Tim Burton’s 2010 film version, while their production focused on sustainability.

The show was devised as a final year project between the five students, who study drama and performing arts degrees. Audience members follow Alice through a number of rooms to free the White Rabbit from The Red Queen, performing a series of challenges along the way.

We spoke to Rosie Bright, lead designer and Mad Hatter, who gave us some insight into the play



The three performances were held on 11 May in CCCU’s Anselm Studios, to children and adults of all ages.