The Flutterby Fund annual Easter egg hunt

The Flutterby Fund is a non profit charity that aims to help the needs of children with physical or mental disabilities, from low income families in the UK.

The charity is the one of the only in the UK which offers intensive Vojta Therapy, Sensory Intergration therapy and NDT Bobath Therapy.

The therapeutic use of reflex locomotion enables patterns of movement in patients with impaired central nervous systems and locomotor system to be restored.

Today they are holding their annual Easter egg hunt as they do every year. The Easter egg hunt is a way to raise money and a support network for parents.

Aleksandra Loskot is founder of the charity, it was her daughter Sophia who inspired the charity after being diagnosed with Global Development delay when she was just 2 years old.

Sophia could only receive limited treatment from the NHS so Alexandra decided to go abroad for intensive therapies.

In total Alexandra and Sophia spent nine months abroad, where Sophia received ten hours a week of physiotherapy and speech therapy.

During this time her progress was substantial, Sophia started to walk and her communication and social interaction was greatly improved.

Aleksandra said: “it become obvious that intensive therapies were the only way forward.

Sophia has now started school which she enjoys immensely and she is still progressing. She is becoming more verbal, sociable and surprises us every day.”