Medway Maritime hospital implements new medical model to ease A&E pressure

A new medical model been implemented by Medway NHS Foundation trust in a bid to ease the increasing waiting times in A&E.

The medical model is a process that allows patients with complicated illnesses who arrive in A&E to be seen in an outpatient clinic.

The system was set up by hospital chiefs to combat bed-blocking and ease the emergency department’s pressure of waiting times and overcrowding.

Medway Maritime trialled the new system during the winter period last year and revealed over 55 per cent of their patients were diagnosed and discharged within a day.

Waiting times decreased by 12 per cent in the first week of using the new model and hospital chiefs are looking to make it a permanent fixture.

General manager for A&E at Medway Maritime, John Ferguson, said: “The medical model is a process we’ve put in place to try and more effectively and safely manage the care of patients as we move them through the hospital.

“So, in the past what patients would see is prolonged periods of care with handovers between different consultant teams, moving from ward to ward and not a great follow up between that.”