7 Things you didn’t know about hedgehogs

The Mammal Society and Natural England reported that at least one in five of British mammal species are at the risk of extinction a decade later. The red squirrel, the wild cat and the grey long-eared bat is registered the red list as facing the severe situation for the survival. Besides, the hedgehogs and water voles are also endangered within a decade.

Hedgehogs are very popular animal in the UK. They are known as a good neighbours in our garden because they eat pests and help flowers and vegetables grow well. However, we may not know so much about the cute animal in fact. Then there are amazing facts about much-loved hedgehogs.


  1. Where do hedgehogs live in the Britain?


b)England, Wales,

c)England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland

Answer: c)There are habitats of hedgehogs across England, Wales, Ireland and the most part of Scotland.


  1. Which rate of people have seen hedgehogs in their garden?

a) Around 30%

b) Around 40%

c) Around 50%

Answer: a) According to survey for BBC Gardener’s world magazine, only 29% of gardeners had encountered the hedgehog in 2015.


  1. How long is the hedgehog size?




Answer: b)


  1. How do hedgehogs spend in winter?

a) Becoming more active

b) Sleeping

c) Moving to warmer area

Answer: b) The weight of West European hedgehogs changes ranging from 600g after hibernation to 1200g before hibernation.


  1. Which spice is closely related to hedgehogs?

a) Rats

b) Squirrels

c) Mole

Answer: c)


  1. What time are hedgehogs active in a day?




Answer: c)


  1. What voice do hedgehogs have?

a)Like birds

b)Like sheep

c)Like dog

Answer: c)?

Natural England senior specialist for mammals, Katherine Walsh, emphasises the importance of people’s efforts to recover hedgehogs and protect their habitat. It is the time to take action to help our dear friends hedgehogs.