The Rise of Radical Right Parties in Western Europe

The 2018 Italian election of Five Star Movement has shown right wing parties in Western Europe are on the rise.

From 1945, there has been a reduction in the academic research done regarding the rise of the radical right. However, with electoral gains from prominent right wing parties such as Five Star Movement (M5S) and Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), their gains can no longer be ignored.

The presence of democracy in Western Europe and its fight with Nazism during the Second World War has been the one of the main factors for the reluctance of social science scholars to investigate the rise of the radical right.

Cas Mudde, a leading academic suggests until 2015 the radical right was ‘almost exclusively’ a party which dealt with street politics rather than parliamentary politics.

However, many parties are expressing their populist, anti establishment and right wing views through through legitimate means within the parliamentary sphere.

The map below shows the rise of radical right parties in some Western European parties. The parties highlighted in red are currently in government.

Although in some countries such France have seemingly defeated the threat of right wing politics entering their governments, the fact they have done so in the polls depicts the changing reactionary nature of Europe.