#Grime4Corbyn changing politics as we know it

The #Grime4Corbyn campaign is shaking up politics as we know it, with high-profile Grime artists like Stormzy, JME, and Dave campaigning for Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

The campaign began when grime listeners, primarily young black people, realised that they finally had a candidate who they felt represented their views. Linda Maitland, the artist liaison for the campaign explained that Labour policies such as housing, education, and healthcare were especially important – but also that Corbyn as a candidate had an equally important part to play as well as the policies.

#Grime4Corbyn wasn’t #Grime4Brown or #Grime4Blair because Gordon Brown and Tony Blair didn’t have Corbyn’s appeal. Linda said “Corbyn is an authentic genuine person, you can see that his life represents what he believes in, like fighting injustice and bettering the world.”

“It’s definitely more Corbyn as a person. Other leaders like Tony Blair, people couldn’t stand beside what he has done, especially in his foreign policy, but with Corbyn, looking at his track record and what he stands for, it’s him that people want to get behind. He’s relatable, and when he talks, people understand”.

The last point is especially important, as with young people, especially from poorer background, there is a general mistrust of MPs and the government, as the way they see things, they have never been helped. Having a relatable candidate, someone who appears to understand their struggle, gives them hope that life might change for them.