‘Dump Trump’ protest takes place in Rochester

A ‘Dump Trump’ protest took place on Rochester High Street last night as parliament debated whether to allow the United States President a state visit to the UK.

Protestors in their dozens marched with flags and picket signs reading “No to racism, No to Trump”.

The protest was one of many across the country last night, in a nationwide effort to urge the government not to hold a formal visit for the controversial President.

There were also references to what the group call “Day X”, the day Trump touches down in the UK, where they hope there will be mass protest and students will do walk-outs of schools and colleges.

Medway Trades Union Council began their protest at 7pm by the Esplanade and finished beside at Star Hill, where they encouraged passing motorists to support their cause.

“Protest does work. Protest does matter,” said the union’s spokesperson, Chas Berry.

“It’s important that we put pressure on our own government to say ‘no, enough is enough’.”

The group dispersed at the crossroad but not before Berry gave a rallying cry not to back down and keep fighting for the cause.

He added: “It’s important that we show we are country that take our morals and our values seriously.

“A visit from a man like Donald Trump would seriously undermine that”.

The parliamentary debate came after more than two million people signed a petition not to allow Trump a state visit.

When government petitions receive 100,000 signatures, they have to be debated in parliament.

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