CBD: The controversial trend taking over the UK

Cannabidiol, known more commonly as CBD, and often mistaken for cannabis has seen a notable surge in popularity as a wellness product in recent years.

In a study commissioned by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, the UK CBD market was shown to be worth £300 million, and is expected to grow to almost £1 billion by 2025. 

CBD is a Cannabidiol, it is one of the many compounds that is produced within the cannabis plant.

CBD isn’t classified as a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and isn’t in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 either.

 As long as no medical claims are made and it is clearly marketed as a food supplement, then it is legal to possess, buy and sell CBD in the UK.

Mohamed and Adam Sohawon started their own CBD business in Chatham. Adam, who came up with the idea is trying to innovate by developing products like bath salt or beard balm.

No studies proved CBD use to be efficient for mental health or other type of health issue but customers seems to be attracted by the offer.

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