Rochester teen ready for BMX Championships

Ruben Michael Smith is a young athlete from Medway looking to make a big impact in the world of BMX racing. 

The 12-year-old from Rochester competes in both regional and national series. In 2019 Ruben qualified for the BMX World Championships for the first time where he managed to advance to the quarter finals. After qualifying again he’s excited to represent Britain and is hoping to repeat his success in 2020.

Next year Reuben will race in the home of BMX races in the United States. Although they are expecting a lot of competition from the locals, his parents are hoping to use it as a challenge, and are trying not to put any pressure on Reuben. 

After officially qualifying for next year’s Championships in October, he’s now facing the challenge of preparing for the competition. 

Rueben lives in Rochester and trains at Cyclopark in Gravesend, one of the top cycling facilities in the country, that annually hosts some of the biggest BMX events. This is where he’s going to be preparing for the World Championships.

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