Articles by Hans Chow

France: Which way forward?

On Monday the 20th, French trade unions have ended their 47-day-long strike, but have vowed to continue to fight against President Macron’s pension reforms. President Macron, on the other hand, has compromised on some demands raised, such as halting the…

Joker: What Oscar critics missed

As soon as it was announced that Joker had received a whopping 11 nominations for the coming Academy Awards, disapprobation, consternation, and apprehension followed. After describing Joker as 2019’s “biggest disappointment”, the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw continued his altercation with the…

Joker: The existentialist anti-villain

Having won 50 awards including the Golden Lion and two Golden Globes, nominated in 11 separate categories each for the Academy Awards and the British Academy Film Awards amongst others, been the first R-rated film to attain an aggregated U.S….