Urban Decay Cosmetics is set to launch their ‘For the throne’ make-up line in conjunction with Game of Thrones Season 8 release in April 2019 and we can hardly wait!

We are not sure as to what this new collection will entail, but we are sure it is most likely going to be ‘out of this world.’ With Urban Decay’s already high reputation of creating the most stunning and pigmented eyeshadows, the most creamy and matted lipsticks, and finally their highly defined liners, this collection will not disappoint.

As you can already see from the photo above taken from Urban Decay’s official Instagram page, this collection is set to have some amazing, eye-popping metallics to represent the ‘Wildings’ in Game of Thrones. I am telling you now, if the ‘Wildings’ wore this in the actual show I would not be able to take my eyes off them!

The metallic blue is simply astonishing, all the liner needs now is to be long- lasting and waterproof, and I will happily give Urban Decay my bank details.

The ‘Wildings’ are not the only characters to be represented in this new collection, but the ‘Mother of Dragons’ is going to be make an entrance. It looks like the colours, fiery orange and icy blue are going to be involved for the eyes, and if my eyes are not deceiving me that’s not all…

It looks like we might be getting some metallic lipsticks also! Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of metallic lipsticks because they are either stunning or just flat, but Urban Decay may pull it off?

But then again, the question is could someone like me really put herself in Daenerys’ shoes? And when I say someone like me, I mean a black female.

From the advertisement put on Urban Decay’s Insta, it seems like this collection will be catering to the typical ‘white female.’ I have noticed this quite a bit with Urban Decay’s previous collections, despite the colours maybe being suitable for a dark-skinned individual, a white female has been on the poster.

This is one of the biggest issues within the beauty world, you could say. There is not enough diversity. As a black female, I have gotten used to not seeing a dark-skinned girl as the face of a beauty product.

It is a problem that has yet to be solved and a conversation that is far from over.

I have high hopes for the Urban Decay ‘For the Throne’ collection, but I do wish to see some black females included as the collection gets closer to its release date.

I won’t hold my breath however.

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