Pensioners vow to chain themselves to trees to protect Gillingham park

Image: Google Earth

Two Medway pensioners have threatened to chain themselves to trees to save a park in Twydall, Gillingham, from development.

The council-owned Sturry Way Park on Woodchurch Crescent could be used to build 20 new homes, according to a plan by Medway Council. The park is home to five mature trees, planted by the council to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, and a children’s playground.

However, neighbours Olwen O’Dowd and Margaret Feist have vowed to fight the proposals. Ms O’Dowd told Kent Online: “Every tree is valuable. Do we have to chain ourselves to every tree in Medway to stop this kind of folly?

“We feel quite passionate about this. This proposal needs stopping.”

The pair said they were prepared to chain themselves to trees to stop the plan from going ahead.

The plan is one of four proposed developments in the Twydall area, announced by Medway Council in September.

More than 1,300 people have signed a petition against the Sturry Way Park development, which said the space was “a popular park used by all ages” and “a beautiful bit of greenery and wildlife.

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