Europeans living in Britain express concerns over Brexit at People’s March in London

People's March on Saturday 19th October 2019

With the Brexit deadline fast approaching, Remainers are getting increasingly frustrated with the endless negotiations and uncertainties surrounding the deal.

The latest People’s March took place outside Westminster last week, as they try again to have their say on Brexit.

The atmosphere last Saturday was peculiar as you could tell people were desperately trying to be heard.

In front of Westminster, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, known for his anti-Brexit policy shouted to the crowd: “Boris Johnson cannot be trusted” and “It’s time to stop Brexit, it’s time to give people a final say”.

Protesters in London shared why this protest was important to them.

British nationals were at the march on Saturday, however Europeans living in the UK raised concerns about their status post Brexit.

Although there is uncertainty as to whether we will leave the European Union on 31st October, MPs now have time to put forward amendments in the second reading of the Brexit bill.

There will be several amendments that will be discussed on citizens rights in the withdrawal agreement bill .

The 16th amendment is very important as it includes a prevision for declaratory status, so no EU citizen is made unlawful over night if they failed to apply by the deadline.

It also includes the provision for physical documents so European citizens living in the UK will not be faced with a physical status that could potentially lead to discrimination after Brexit.

Alexandra Bulat, Young European Chair of the 3million organisation campaigning on European citizens rights in the UK expressed her worries on the situation.

A full report of Alexandra’s interview on Brexit and European status will be available on the website.

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