Hoo sports centre wants children to feel more confident in water this half term

Hoo sports centre

A Kent leisure centre welcomes all the family to have a splashing good time this October half term. 

Hoo sports centre has an inflatable obstacle course available to children and adults throughout this week, as they try to encourage children to feel more confident in the water. 

The course that spans the length of the pool has proven popular amongst families this week, with over 70 people attending the centre on Monday. 

Inflatable obstacle course inside the centre. Credit: Shinissa Kaur

Andrea Dixon, senior sports officer at the centre said: “We did it over the summer and it hit it off really well.

“It just gets them into the water and just gets them water confident because there’s some kids who have never been in a swimming pool so this just gives another fun reason to come into our swimming pool.”

One family from Gravesend travels regularly to the sports centre to use their pool. 

Tony and Sheila Theobald make the trip with their two grandchildren, who say that Hoo sports centre as the best pool in Kent. 

Sheila said: “This is their favourite swimming pool in the area. 

“We come from Gravesend, we’ve got two there [swimming pools] but this is their favourite. They prefer to come this distance to swim here.”

Tony said: “We didn’t actually know that the obstacle course was here today [Wednesday] but we brought them down to go swimming. Now the obstacle is out there they’re trying to get from one end to the other. 

 They both agreed the course was a good way to make children feel more comfortable and confident in the water. 

Tony added: “You’ve got to be confident going on there because nine times out of ten you’re coming off of it [inflatable course]. It gives them confidence in the water.”  

The centre is planning to continue this obstacle course throughout other various school holidays. 

The cost to try the inflatable course is £4.50 per person and children under 5 can go for free. 

For more information, visit: https://www.medway.gov.uk/info/200302/hoo_pool_timetable

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