Does VAR take the joy out of football?

The use of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has been a main talking point in a large amount of games since it was introduced at the start of the season, and made questionable decisions in a number of matches.

Supporters, players and managers alike all seem to be opposing the new refereeing system, which has been responsible for multiple controversial calls including one made against West Ham star Declan Rice just this week.

Clubs unanimously voted for the system in 2018, yet many seem to believe that it’s had a negative impact on the game.

In reaction to the decision made against him on Friday night, Declan Rice said to Sky Sports:

“We are fuming. All the lads are livid.”

“I think they are the thoughts of every Premier League player, not just me – pretty much everyone doesn’t want VAR in the game.”

“There have been so many decisions this season that have been absolutely crazy. They were celebrating VAR like it was a goal and football should not be like that.”

Had the goal been given, Declan Rice would’ve made an impressive assist for the Hammers and earnt them an important point in a game they arguably deserved.

On a number of occasions, it’s seemed clear that VAR could in fact be wrong even when used as evidence seen on the television, making it hard for supporters to trust the system.

Some could argue each decision isn’t made clear enough, or that the overuse of technology actually makes it harder to determine the decisions being made in the first place.

What is for certain is that the use VAR needs to without a doubt improve in the game because when supporters begin to lose their faith in system, people could begin to lose their love for the game.

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