British national confined on cruise has confirmed case of Coronavirus

A British national has been diagnosed with coronavirus. Alan Steele was on his honeymoon, a cruise, when the ship was put into quarantine off the coast of Japan. The ‘Diamond Princess’ has become a ‘prison’ for its residents.

20 infected people have already been transported to a medical facility. 41 infected remain on the ship, including a British national on his honeymoon.

It comes after a third case was confirmed in the UK. A yet-unidentified man from Brighton appears to have picked up the virus in Singapore. He is believed to have self-isolated before being taken to hospital.

The death of a Chinese doctor who tried to warn the world of the outbreak has caused public fury. Li Wenliang fell ill while treating patients at the origin of the virus, Wuhan. In December, he warned medics of a virus which he said looked like SARS, a previous deadly outbreak in China.

But Dr Li was told to “stop making false comments” by Chinese police, who investigated him for spreading rumours.

The doctor’s death has lead to an outpouring of anger on social media site Weibo, where users have shared concerns over the Government’s response to the outbreak. A story about his death has over one and a half billion views. Some have criticised the government, saying they initially tried to downplay the virus’ severity.

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