How tall are famous buildings if you measured them in lego?

Look at those little fun bricks

Everyone loves lego. This is a fact. So naturally, I made the logical assumption that people would want to know how tall things are in terms of lego. I will assume I am correct in this assumption.

The average thickness of a piece of lego is 1.6mm. The average woman is 1.6m and therefore 1000 lego pieces tall. A man is 1.7m or 1,062.5 lego pieces tall. Now you have context lets get on to big tall buildings because everyone loves big numbers.

Eiffel Tower – 202,500 legos

The Eiffel tower to its tip is 324m

Big Ben – 60,000 legos

Big Ben (who did not bong on Brexit) is 96m tall

Statue of Liberty – 58,125 legos

The Statue of Liberty is 96m

Empire state building – 276,875

What a big boy building this is! The Empire State Building is 443m to the tip

Great wall of China – 3,750-4,375 legos on average 8,750 legos at it’s tallest

Dammmmn China that’s a nice wall you got there it’s 6-7m on average and 14m highest.

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