A Gillingham dad was found dead at his home after stabbing himself in the chest.

Assistant Coroner Catherine Wood continued the inquest into the death of Paul Stevens, 64 this morning (February 24) at County Hall in Maidstone.

Paul had been alone in his home on Melbourne Road when his wife went to take the dog for a walk on November 30. When she returned, she found him with a knife in his chest and called paramedics at 12.12 pm.

Parademics arrived at the scene in two minutes and made attempts to save Paul’s life, however, he was pronounced dead at the scene at 1.06pm.

A toxicology report revealed that an elevated level of Fluoxetine was present in his blood and urine, this did not cause his death.

Assistant Coroner Catherine Wood gave a narrative conclusion and said: “He died as a result of his own actions, with his intentions being unknown.”

She added: “Paul’s family have my sincere condolences and it is clear he had the support of a loving family.”

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