A man who fell off a cliff and a teen who was injured in a motorbike incident is set to appear in a new documentary series following Kent Medics.

Channel 4’s documentary follows trauma teams from across East Kent Hospitals Trust (EKHUFT) and London hospitals as they care for trauma patients.

“The medical teams were amazing, particularly the nurses who looked after me, and I’m really grateful to them all for everything they did.”

Leyton crashed last summer after his vision was temporarily blocked by his helmet lifting up. He then lost control of his motorbike.

He said: “I remember bits and pieces. I tried standing up but my leg was folding the wrong way and I couldn’t. Then I think I just zoned out until the paramedics arrived and gave me gas and air.

“I remember being in the ambulance and they tried to straighten my leg, then I remember arriving at the hospital in Ashford.”

The crew filmed the transfer from the air ambulance, and Leyton’s arrival in the emergency department of the William Harvey Hospital.

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