Medway nurses create music video for Hypo Awareness Week

Members of the NHS Foundation Trust filmed a parody version of “YMCA” for Hypo Awareness Week.

By recreating the Village People’s song as “HYPO”, they wanted to raise awareness of hypoglycaemia attacks. 

“Hypos” mostly occur in diabetic people. It’s the state when blood glucose level is too low, and could lead to unconsciousness. Symptoms include sweating, confusion, hunger, dizziness and shaking.

Amanda Epps, an Inpatient Diabetes Specialist Nurse, published the video. “We had great fun recording it and getting others involved. We came up with the idea a couple of years ago but didn’t know how to make it work.

“Hypos can be dangerous, particularly for people whose hypo-awareness is low because they are ill and less able to spot the indicative signs,” she said.

Earlier this year, Amanda attended a special reception with Theresa May at Downing Street, for winning a major healthcare prize with her team at the Quality in Care Diabetes Awards in October 2018.

Hypo Awareness Week lasts until 6 October and is expected to be a record-breaking campaign with more than 600 sites involved.

How do you feel when you have a hypo?

Kelly Couthern: Mostly weak, panicky and a little foggy headed. And I get hot.

Joni Weber: My symptoms are not always the same. Most often the symptoms are: difficulty concentrating, sweating, restlessness, irritability and ravenous hunger.

Kristy Cook: Never ending hunger, and feeling like I’m trying to walk through molasses, or that my limbs are literally melting from me… it’s very surreal.

Dan Raetzel: Shaky, extreme hunger, vision flickers, kind of like little strobe lights, lately I have been getting very anxious and indecisive.

Stephanie Kozma: Very shaky, sweaty and unable to concentrate. I eat and it’s like I can’t get enough to finally feel normal again. But you have to watch because then you could skyrocket.

Nia Mays: I can’t focus or read. My speech starts to slur. I also get sleepy and start shaking.

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