Safer Schools Campaign set to launch tomorrow at Leeds Townhall

A new campaign to change legislation in the UK about bullying is set to launch tomorrow. The Safer Schools Campaign led by Jason Barnett, a former teacher from Leeds, currently includes over 100 families who have lost children to suicide as a result of bullying.

The campaign group say that schools and the government has failed to address bullying. Members of every major political party, Education ministers and a number of MP’s have also been invited to tomorrow’s public meeting.

Julie Steward, the mother of Simon Brooks who lost his life to suicide at the age of 15 due to bullying, will be speaking at the event. Ms Steward said in an interview with Voice of Kent that “there’s a big gap between bullying occurring and an incident that has substance to it to be dealt with. Everything in-between is benine”. Ms Steward says the effects of bullying are felt by everyone and recounted her own heartache at having lost her son at such a young age due to bullying.

Ms Steward will be joining us tomorrow on our live radio broadcast to talk to Voice of Kent prior to the event.

A recent NSPCC review on Childline for 2017/2018 year stated that bullying was in the number one cause for calls in children under 11 and the 4th for children aged 12-15.

The group plans to present a case for changes to legislation involving bullying and violence policies. The event will take place at Leeds Town Hall on Friday 25th October between 7:30pm to 9pm.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts you can contact the Samaritans on their website:

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