Maidstone and Mid Kent Mind set up new course for young people on mindfulness

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A mental health charity has set up a new course to teach young people about mindfulness. 

The course, Mindfulness and Me, was created by Maidstone and Mid Kent Mind (MMK) to help educate children and teens about tackling mental health proactively. 

The five-week programme looks at what mindfulness is and how people can practise it. 

It will also look at how people can use mindfulness to proactively do things to prevent their mental health from deteriorating. 


Thomas Fishenden, marketing assistant at MMK, said: “Mental health is such a big topic now with so many more people aware of their mental health, and aware of steps they need to take to proactively look after their mental health. 

“The idea came from our other youth services where we realised we were working with young people to reactively tackle mental health but we had never really considered tackling it proactively and doing things before people were coming in and saying that they had encountered different problems and prevent them from getting to that stage. 

“That inspired us to go away and look at things that can help people to prevent poor mental health and to better look after their wellbeing.”

Throughout the different sessions people will learn about mindfulness, how to accept and acknowledge their thoughts and feelings and will also get the chance to meet other young people and take part in games and activities. 

While educating young people about mindfulness, Maidstone and Mid Kent Mind are also focusing on inclusivity. 

They want people to leave feeling as though they’ve made friends, gained knowledge on mindfulness and just generally feeling more positive.

Speaking about what the charity hopes this new course will bring to anyone that attends, Thomas said: “We’re hoping to teach young people more about mental health and mindfulness in general so that the young people who came and access our course can go away feeling more confident in their ability to process different things which they might encounter in their life

“Equally it’s also very much about raising awareness for mental health.” 

Mindfulness and Me is priced at an introductory offer of £15 for the five weeks. 

The course starts October 30th and high demand will see further dates added.

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