China blacks out NBA season opener amid strained relations

The National Basketball Association landed itself into hot water with China who blacked out the NBA season opener two days ago. This was after comments made by NBA executive Daryl Morey who expressed support for the Hong Kong protests.

Morey’s comments set off an international fiasco which forced the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver into a public apology to China: an apology that was wildly criticised for seemingly cowering to a country illegally detaining over a million Uighur Muslims in order to protect business interests.

Jake Donnelly, broadcaster for NSN Sports said in terms of a business aspect, he could see why Silver did what he did.

“China is a ton of money, hundreds of millions of dollars, the Rockets (Houston) and the NBA who have deals with China and Tencent, so Morey going off cost the NBA millions upon millions of dollars.”

NBA superstar LeBron James who regularly speaks out on social issues was criticised over his comments on the situation. James said “I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand and he spoke.”

Jake Donnelly was one of those people who wasn’t a fan of James’ comments.

“What he said was unbelievably stupid in the history of takes. LeBron’s comments were so outlandishly stupid, wrong-headed and anti-American that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Cruz agreed that what he said was wrong.

“If you have someone who is so far to the left and someone who ran on the Republican ticket for President agreeing on something, you can bet your life that what you said was really, really stupid.”

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