How streaming helped a mother cope with Cancer

When Kate, 31, from Las Vegas Nevada was diagnosed with primary cerebral lymphoma she turned to the world of gaming as an escape. Kate, or Katee_bear as she goes on her Twitch streaming platform, said that she found streaming often as “almost a form of free therapy.” Kate said she felt streaming allowed her a space in which she could be herself and talk and wasn’t treated or looked at differently because of her condition.

After her diagnosis, Kate had to leave work and is now a stay-at-home mother and part-time streamer and model. Originally turning to streaming to reconnect with friends and partially out of boredom streaming became a huge part of Kate’s life.

Kate is very open on her streams and often opens up about her cancer and treatment to her audience. Kate says she finds her audience helpful as she can vent her frustrations and get different views she wouldn’t otherwise have.

Kate feels that streaming can be a very powerful tool in helping to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. One such charity being Macmillan cancer support which is currently running a 24-hour gaming marathon fundraiser which has raised over £1.6 million so far.

Kate shares how she thinks streaming can be a benefit to cancer awareness

Unfortunately, as the cancer has progressed it has begun to affect Kate’s ability to stream on occasion. This is especially an issue with certain games that cause her to feel motion sick. There have also been occasions where Kate has been sick on stream due to not being able to get out of the room in time. Being unable to stream as much as her condition has worsened has been difficult for Kate as she is used to using gaming as an outlet. Below you can see the effects the treatments can have on Kate.

Kate talks her condition and how it affects gaming

Kate is a variety streamer and often streams with her husband between Wednesday to Saturday at various times. She can be found on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.

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