Whitstable village in danger of losing its identity

SOS: The Graveney locals have neglected the idea of the proposed Solar Park

A village that intersects Faversham and Whitstable is in danger of losing over 900 years of history.

Graveney, established in the 14th century, has become the focal point of a new Solar Park, set to take up an area three times the size of Faversham.

Residents have been campaigning against the plan, setting up savegraveneymarshes.org in an attempt to salvage their sparse environment.

In jeopardy: Residents are fighting to save their church as well as their marshes

In addition to the community’s protest against the introduction of the solar site, the people of Graveney have also called to save their local church.

All-Saints, one of the reasons for the village’s inception over 900 years ago, could be forced to shut down in the next two years. The price of rent has recently far outweighed the income raised to keep the building afloat.

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