New heart centre for Canterbury

Councillors have agreed to open a Main Arterial Centre in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. The new centre will provide the best medical care to patients needing vascular treatment.

First proposed in 2014, the plan has been delayed because Councillors and Medway Maritime Foundation Trust could not decide where to locate the centre. Now that plans have been approved, work can start to get the centre ready for patients by summer 2020.

Medway Maritime hospital

Patients can still get their heart screened at the Medway hospital but would need to travel to Canterbury for more complex surgeries. According to Noel Wilson, consultant vascular surgeon, the move will help to standardise the care that patients receive.

Dr David Sulch, Medical Director of Medway said, “Essentially the Canterbury centre will provide inpatient vascular surgical services and the three main conditions that entails are aortic aneurysms, carotid arteries and peripheral vascular disease.”

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