Could a robot take your job?

The age-old debate of man vs. machine is more relevant now than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a big role in many industries but does that mean your job may be at risk?

There are many benefits to AI, the biggest of which being the ability to analyse complex data, states Professor of Computer Science at the University of Kent, Colin Johnson.

The likes of Google and Amazon have long been at the forefront of developing AI technologies but there is now talk that small businesses could also incorporate AI into their business models.

AI Knowledge Exchange Lead for EIRA, a project which connects businesses with academics, Donald Shaw-Case, believes that AI has a lot to offer small businesses.

“There’s a lot of small businesses that are starting to emerge that are offering value added services. They’re taking the basic service that Google and Amazon provide and then on top of that they’re adding additional benefits and tailoring the technologies to their specific business,” said Shaw-Case.

The true impact of AI on the business world is not yet known however it is likely that AI technologies will be utilised by a wide variety of businesses from global corporations such as Google and Amazon to high street retailers.

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