Does Artificial Intelligence have a place in the art world?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently dominating many industries but recently there has been a buzz surrounding the idea of incorporating AI into the art world. An art exhibition currently open in Canterbury uses artificial intelligence technologies to create a collection of artwork that asks the question – can AI be creative?

‘AI and I’, curated by Alice Helliwell and Eleen Deprez, attempts to push the boundaries of a machine’s role in art. Helliwell believes the art world has been slow to experiment with AI technologies in comparison to other industries such as medicine and e-commerce. She argues that while art created using AI may never achieve mainstream acclaim it certainly has an interesting appeal.

“I don’t think it’s going to overtake other forms of art but I think it’s definitely going to become more popular,” said Helliwell.

Fellow curator of the exhibition, Eleen Deprez, believes AI technologies can offer more than just a quirky appeal.

“A as curator I’m interested in what the potential is for artificial intelligence. I’m also interested in the potential for visitors as a way of enriching their experience when they look at art,” she said.

While AI is unlikely to replace the likes of Picasso completely, with a little more development AI technologies could have the ability to change the way we view a machine’s role in the creative industries.

The exhibition is located in Studio 3 in the Jarman Building at the University of Kent in Canterbury and is open to the public until Thursday 20 February.

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