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Estate agents offering safe haven for children walking home from school

Local businesses across the country are opening their premises as safe havens for children when walking to and home from school.

An estate agency in Rochester is one such business that is providing a safe space following recent alleged reports of bullying and abduction in the area.

Walking home from school can be a daunting experience for school children, particularly when walking alone.

Yet an estate agency on the high street of Rochester, Moxy Property Consultants, are providing a safe location for children and young adults if they feel threatened, unsafe or nervous.

Its owner Emma Jones is urging parents to spread the word and let their children know they’re here to help.

She said: “There is a safe word. If they just say that they’ve come to meet Roxy. If they feel they need to. If someone is following them for example, and they don’t want to make it obvious. If not, they just need to tell us can they come in and can we arrange contact for them.

“We will arrange contact for them. We will contact a guardian, parent, local school if need be or Kent Police.”

Parents are praising the company for their efforts to protect the children, since their original post on social media.

Facebook post announcing safe place at Moxy Estate Agents

But for many of the workers at the estate agency are parents themselves and say they are only doing what they hope others would do for their children.

Yet Emma is urging more local businesses within the community to help work together to keep everyone safe.

“I think more people need to be doing it. I do think it’s obvious that a lot of shops, restaurants and businesses will allow anyone to come in. But I think if we put that message out there, that this is happening.

“It puts a message out there that there are more people watching out for these children and vulnerable adults as well.”

With more businesses looking out for children, the community can become a safer place.


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