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Class of COVID-19

Coronavirus has changed so many aspects of our lives but one of the most consistently overlooked groups is students. Below are the stories of the disenfranchised, the heartbroken and the somewhat discombobulated. Click on the first image to read them all from the start, or click on a student’s photo to jump straight to their story.

This page will continue to be updated with new student stories throughout the coming months.

Warning: occasional strong language.

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  1. As a history trainee teacher the experience of training during covid-19 has been very different. First term still had placements and second term is all online learning now. I found first term good and probably was in a better mental place than other students, this was because I was on placement throughout the week from Monday to Friday and had supportive students, teachers and really enjoyed teaching kids for the first time and learning with this. The change to second term has been difficult, teaching online comes with a lot of difficulties in terms of getting participation in lessons, but that type of thing can be difficult in school anyway. The main difficulties have been this term with just not been around other trainees on placement and having that interaction. Also I felt the teaching in school was much more rewarding than teaching online which has very much been a grind.

    The university side of the course and assignment side has all been online lectures and videos to watch independently, and compared to my undergraduate history degree it hasn’t been enjoyable, I’m just really glad that the course was more school placement based than online lectures and sessions.


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