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Public poised for Big Garden Birdwatch next weekend

Half a million people are expected to take to their gardens next weekend for the worlds biggest garden wildlife survey.

The RSPB a conservation charity is asking people to look out for everything from blackbirds to great tits.

It’s time to fill-up your bird feeders and dust off your binoculars for this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

The RSPB are asking people to spend just one hour recording how many birds you can spot in your garden, even from a window or balcony, and then let them know what you’ve seen.

However, it doesn’t always go according to plan as Catherine Green has found out over the past six years.

She said: “Usually the birds seem to have this thing where they know it’s the Garden Birdwatch. Some of them don’t turn up.

“You have to sit for one hour. You start counting and there’s very few [birds] and then when the hours over, they all come.

“They do it every year.”

The survey to date has provided the RSPB with nearly nine million hours of data – counting 137 million of them.

It has highlighted the winners and the losers in the garden world – alerting the charity to the decline in song thrushes.

Lucky for ten-year-old, Robin Andrews, his favourite bird ranks fourth and so he has a high chance of seeing them.

Blue tits currently ranks fourth in the garden bird world

He said: “I like birdwatching because I find birds fascinating and I like the look of them. My favourite bird is probably a blue tit.

“It makes me happy when I see rare birds or just any birds.”

The Birdwatch takes place from the 29th to 31st, so it is not too late to help care for our feathered friends. And it does not matter how much you know about garden birds already; the RSPB will provide a free Big Garden Birdwatch guide when you sign up online.


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