Medical professional sparks debate over male contraception at Canterbury abortion talk

A medical professional spoke out about the need for a change in sex education to help shift people’s attitudes surrounding abortion and contraception at a talk in Canterbury last week.

Dr. Arianne Shahvisi from Brighton and Sussex Medical School rejected the idea that women should be held solely responsible for contraception and expressed her belief that attitudes towards contraception greatly influence the abortion debate.

“When an unwanted pregnancy occurs, quite often, we have a tendency to blame a woman because she was the one that was supposed to be taking care of the contraception”, said Dr. Shahvisi.

Dr. Shahvisi raised the argument that the introduction of male contraception could shake up the abortion debate.

“I think if men are primarily responsible for contraception and contraception fails, we’d have a different view on abortion”, she said.

“The fact that contraception is seen as the woman’s responsibility I don’t really agree with but I do see why that is the mindset in a lot of males especially because in sex education we’re not really taught about how much there actually is”, said one male Kent local.

A female Kent local rejected the idea of relying on male contraception, stating, “A woman is not going to leave whatever happens to her body down to a male because they’re so negligent.”

Several male contraceptives are reportedly in the works however none are yet available on the mass market.

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