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Lucifer for President aims to be America’s saviour

A third candidate? Could Lucifer for President be the next political mainstay? Photo: Getty

Presidential candidate and Satanist, Lucifer For President, has outlined his election promises in an exclusive interview to Invicta News.

Philadelphia resident Lucifer, whose real name is Michael Lucifer Williams, only signed up to be a candidate on 29 September, but has the belief that his election pledges will push him to victory against incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Lucifer, who is running for the first time, said he was just trying to give everyone an opportunity. “I feel like we need a president like me that just enjoys helping, seeing smiles on people’s faces because then it wouldn’t seem like a job.

“We’ve never really had a president from a lower-class standpoint before. I can really relate to everything that’s going on in real time right now. I’m homeless at the same time,” Lucifer said.

I feel like we need a president like me that just enjoys helping

Lucifer for President

The Philadelphia native’s key aims are to eradicate homelessness, increase the working minimum wage and raise the accessibility and worth of food stamps, claiming that his run was inspired by “always being the underdog”.

For fundraising, the Coalition for American Troops has partnered with Lucifer, who himself is a US Army veteran. He hopes that they would understand how he feels about the country, stating that he is “willing to die for America”.

The election, which takes place on 4 November, has already seen 14 million ballots cast in what has become one of the most fractured political races in recent history.

Lucifer for President is not the only outlandish presidential candidate this year, with other notable hopefuls including Mighty Ducks actor Brock Pierce, activist Vermin Love Supreme and 21-time Grammy award winner Kanye West.

West, 43, has supported his run with a number of highly controversial speeches, including his stop in South Carolina where he broke down in tears about a discussion he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, had about aborting their first child, North.

If elected, Lucifer would be the first known Satanist president, as well as the second black president following in the footsteps of Barack Obama.

Lucifer for President: The Pledges

Covid response – An increase to the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to help those in need. Also a boost in funding towards finding a cure, currently being led by Johnson and Johnson.

Wages – Raise minimum working wage to a sustainable level, which will in turn lead to a decrease in crime. “People are going to jail to get out of homelessness, stuff like that is not going to be in the world that I’m in charge of. I just couldn’t allow it. I would just allow money to be more fluid.”

Food Stamps – Give people a greater access to them and make them more valuable to help solve the hunger crisis in urban areas.

Prison reform – Increase in funding towards rehabilitation rather than sending criminals to jail.

Veterans – More protection for soldiers when they return from active duty, in the form of mental and physical healthcare. Also aiming to give greater access to jobs once out of the armed forces.

Healthcare – Make it affordable for all Americans, no matter their socio-economic status.


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