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Rainham café brings new Eco-Scheme to the High Street

Independent café Nutmegs Patisserie in Rainham has recently introduced a whole range of new measures in a bid to become more environmentally friendly. This comes just months after an “Eco-Refill” station was set up minutes away. The two businesses have joined forces to inspire local residents to become more conscious of the impact they have on the environment. 

The owners of Nutmegs Patisserie advertised their campaign as being the only local business still offering reusable takeaway cups during the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme allows customers the option to rent an eco-friendly cup from the café for only £1, this can then be refilled the next time you visit, or you can hand the cup back over and get your money back. 

New Reusable cups used in the rent-a-cup scheme for a £1 deposit

Co-Owner of Nutmegs Patisserie, Trent Ftraine-Francis, said: “The effort to be environmentally aware is not just global, even locally it is such a shame to see so much waste on the sides of the road. It has been very busy, and our customers are on board.

“We are now starting to see people returning the reusable cups for refills and this proves the scheme is working.”

Eco-friendly cosmetics have been developed by the owners of the Rainham shop.

The partnership with the Circle Refill Station has perhaps been the most innovative. The Circle Refill Station is a nearby Eco-Hub that allows residents to refill old containers, jars and bottles with household necessities such as washing liquid, as well as some food items. The overall price of these goods aims to be lower than supermarkets to encourage people to “shop” at the refill station and reduce on packaging waste. 

Nutmegs Patisserie recently introduced a “micro refill-station” within the café – the first of its kind in Medway. This means that customers can not only enjoy a warm drink and lunch, but they can also do a bit of eco-friendly shopping at the same time. 

The new micro-fill station based off the success of the Circle Refill Hub nearby.

Katrina Robson, a resident of Medway and keen environmentalist said: “Having schemes like this so local to me is so useful. It always seems scary to become more environmentally aware and requires a lot of research and time. Having something like this on my doorstep makes life a lot easier.”

The owners of Nutmegs hope their scheme can continue for a long time and expand into a wider community effort to become more eco-friendly in Medway. 


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