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Kent Fire and Rescue launch grass fire campaign

As we head into summer, many of us look forward to firing up the barbecue and getting rid of that spring clean rubbish with a bonfire. 

But last year, Kent Fire and Rescue Service were called out to 617 accidental grass fires and the majority of them were preventable. 

They’re now launching a campaign to educate residents on how to reduce the risk of accidentally starting a grass fire with some very easy tips. 

Grass fires spread rapidly and require a large amount of fire service resources. They can take hours, days and sometimes even weeks to fully extinguish. 

So, this campaign has been created to drive the number of accidental fires down, and free up resources this summer for other less-preventable emergencies. 

Although at the moment, it may seem that the summer weather is a long way off, it’s hoped that when the sun does finally peeps through the clouds, people will be more educated on the dangers of fire in the dry summer months.


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