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Easing of restrictions sees weddings return

For over a year, the nation paid close attention to every government announcement about what we can or cannot do in a Covid world.

But after the latest easing of restrictions on Monday giving us hope to the end of lockdown, wedding plans that had been put on hold for months are gradually bubbling up.

So what are weddings like in a pandemic?

Edenwood Place is a wedding venue in Aylesford. The owners bought the place last year just before the national lockdown hit.

So, for them, learning how to host a wedding in a pandemic was the first challenge they faced.

Michael Van Der Straaten, owner of the venue, said: “You need to have staff that are both cognisant of the rules and know how to operate. We have our plans changed all the time because of Covid, and we finally got to have our first wedding in April this year.

“As a new venue it is actually helpful for us to have limited numbers because we were only allowed to have 15 people, they had to sit outside so we had to serve them drinks and orders from the bar and take them outside. It got very cold at night, but it was a lovely evening. “

The initial open date of the venue was in December but because of the Coronavirus it took twice as long as they thought for the refurbishment to be completed.

Having been engaged for more than three years, Carly Middlebroke and her finance were due to tie the knot last September, and now they are looking to having a scaled-down event in the summer.

“Because of Covid, we’ve had to dip into our savings quite a lot just to keep afloat, because my partner’s job reduced quite a lot, so actually it’s going to be a lot smaller than we originally planned, not quite what we wanted.

“But as long as we can have both of our families and close friends, then yeah we are happy.”

However, with the new Indian variant lurking and an uncertain government roadmap, Carly says it is possible they will need to cancel the wedding again.


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