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Eviction note issued to mental health cafe in Whitstable outrages locals

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A café in Whitstable that has been helping with people’s mental health has been given an eviction note by its landlord. The news has outraged many local residents who have come together to help save the café.

Since moving into the building of The Horsebridge Arts Centre 18 months ago, Revival has been more than just a café, but the safe haven for everyone who has walked through its door. But on last Monday, without any previous warning, they received an eviction note.

Deborah Haylett, business and development manager at Revival, says the landlord, the Horsebridge boards, had agreed to give them a 10-year lease, which was signed by both of the parties but then put off by the Canterbury City Council, which owns the building.

All 10 workers at Revival struggle with different mental health issues. Jonathan Mowatt-Dykes, a father of two young kids and senior supervisor at Revival, was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety last year. He says Revival has been his saviour after working in sales for 15 years, which is why the possibility of losing it makes him tear up.

Jonathan with his daughter

Invicta News has contacted the Horsebridge boards for their views but received no response. After hundreds of emails being sent to the horsebridge boards by local residents and a petition that has collected more than 2000 signatures, Revival will be having a meeting with local MPs today and it is hoped that this café will continue to serve those who love and need it.


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