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What is numerology and why did it gain popularity?

Numerology is just one of the many new-age alternative therapies in an era where spirituality is a business.  But the debate on whether numerology can be considered a science continues. 

With almost a year in lockdown and mercury in retrograde, spiritual sources of guidance for wellbeing become more popular.  

Self-care is a popular topic of discussion today, but how does one find a practice that appeals to the spiritual wellbeing? Numerology, which studies the meaning and understanding of numbers, dates back to the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who believed every number can be reduced to a digit between 1 and 9 and has specific meaning. 


Numerologist Zarrina Sarbassova explains what numerology can reveal and how it works: “Numbers have their own energy and vibrate like molecules. They are everywhere, date of birth, flat number, bank account and so on“. She says that with just someone’s spiritual blueprint which is the name and date of birth she can look into someone’s finance code, which years to look for in terms of health problems and even partner compatibility.

She also believes that numerology is a science: “It is something that is both spiritual and scientific. You don’t need to be a psychic to be a numerologist, I am not, I did a degree in it. When looking at someone’s numbers or even your own, things really connect and although it is scary at first, it is also fascinating, you can apply the reading and change your course of life“.

However, there is no evidence that numerology is accurate and trustworthy. Brian Dunning, host of the SCEPTOID podcast and author of conspiracies declassified, explains why numerology is based on personal notions of superstitions and not on consistent scientific data: “In the testing that has been done in which scientific controls were applied, numerology has never failed to exceed random chance in terms of the accuracy of its predictions (…) considering its lack of any kind of consistence or scientific underpinnings that’s what we would expect“.

Source: Skeptoid with Brian Dunning

Brian Dunning also highlights the idea that in moments of uncertainty people tend to look for “magical and easy solutions to problems” and numerologists “promise” that.

Ridiculed by scientists, numerology alongside astrology and feng shui struggles to find acceptance in the domain of science. But many top celebrities such as Prince and Jim Carrey did find comfort and meaning in the practice, basing many decisions on the numerologists’ readings. The question on whether numbers can lie remains unsolved.

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